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    Jacqueline Stevens 

    Director of Advancement
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    Fabiola Mascaro 

    Coordinator of Community Outreach
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    Coordinator of Community Storytelling
"Annual Giving at Halifax Grammar is incredibly important, in that not only does it help fund important programs in support of financial assistance and specialized classroom equipment, but it enables Grammar in a tangible way to continue to provide excellence across the curriculum, and in doing so helps Grammar meet its mission and goals. It is not important how much one gives on an annual basis, what is important is that one gives something. When we all give we are a stronger community because of it, and Grammar continues to be the finest independent school in Halifax."

-David B. Smith (Millie '17)

Supporting Halifax Grammar School

With more than sixty years of experience in educational excellence, Halifax Grammar School has distinguished itself as a leading independent co-educational school in Atlantic Canada. Halifax Grammar students are served by our mission “Through excellence in education, we empower our students with the capacity, character, and confidence to pursue their ideals and thrive in a dramatically changing and diverse world.”
It takes nothing less than a devoted, first-class faculty, the best in educational resources, and open opportunities for growth in character and confidence. Halifax Grammar does not receive government funding, and as such, we rely on tuition and philanthropy in order to recognise the potential in all of our students.
Your donation helps to keep the school strong. Rewarding opportunities for deserving students and the development of future leaders is what you can expect in return.

Annual Giving

Every year, Grammar gathers as a community to support our Annual Giving Campaign. Alumni, past and present families, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends support students in financial need as well as the funding of programs that drive our mission through our four pillars: Academics, Athletics, Arts, and Altruism.

Grammar is a non-profit organization, and all donations are fully tax-deductible. Our Annual Giving campaign runs from July 1 to June 30 every academic year. 

Click here to download the 2023-2024 Pledge Form

For more information contact Jacqueline Stevens at ((902) 229-8497).

Ways to give

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  • Endowment

    An endowment is an investment fund set aside for the long-term support of our school through bursaries, scholarships, and educational programs. An endowment can be established in the name of a loved one or faculty member. Growing the Grammar endowment is a priority for the Advancement Office, as it will provide the necessary resources to meet the needs of the school in perpetuity. A strong endowment is critical to long-term financial stability, and paramount to ensuring Grammar remains one of the educational leaders in our community.

    We have ten active endowment funds:

    • Elliott Spafford Scholarship
    • Gay Silverman Bursary 
    • Geoffrey Meyerhof Scholarship
    • Gift of Gratitude
    • Hansen-MacDonald Bursary
    • Jennifer Chapman Scholarship
    • Jubilee Endowment Fund
    • Marjorie Cooper Scholarship
    • PAC Endowment for Professional Academic Development
    • Robert Grant Endowment for Student Opportunity
    • Spurr Family Bursary
    Donations can be designated to any of the above funds. For more information contact Jacqueline Stevens at or 902-229-8497.
  • Gift of Securities

    The donation of securities has become a popular and effective charitable donation option. Canadian tax on the capital gains accrued on publicly traded securities can be eliminated when securities are gifted to a registered charity such as Halifax Grammar School.

    To gift securities and/or stocks of share certificates, mutual fund units, or other publicly traded security to Halifax Grammar School please use the attached form. Ensure that your broker emails a copy of the form to Jacqueline Stevens at This helps us alert our broker that a transfer is being initiated. Please note: donors will receive a tax receipt for the stock value at the close of business on the day of transfer.

    For more information about the tax advantages of gifts of appreciated securities, talk to your broker or financial planner. For questions, please call Jacqueline Stevens, Director of Advancement, at 902-229-8497.
  • Planned Giving

    Planned giving is about ordinary people making an extraordinary difference. You can leave a gift in your will or through life insurance to the Halifax Grammar School. This will ensure that your estate will benefit from tax advantages, and those dollars can be used to benefit your community and future generations. After providing for the security of your loved ones, you may wish to leave a gift to Grammar in your will. A gift may be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or the residual amount left after all other heirs have been provided for. When making a gift in your will, the correct wording designation is “The Halifax Grammar School.”

    By naming Grammar as the owner or beneficiary of an existing insurance policy, you will receive a tax receipt for any cash value in the policy and the resulting tax credit after your death could reduce the tax burden on your heirs. Purchasing a new life insurance policy and naming a charity as the owner and beneficiary will not only give a significant gift to a cause you care about, you will also receive a tax receipt for the annual premiums. This allows you to make a substantial future gift at a reduced after-tax cost.

    For more information, contact Jacqueline Stevens at or 902-229-8497.
Halifax Grammar School Charitable Registration Number: 107461394 RR 0001