Student Success Team

What is the Student Success Team?

The Student Success Team (SST) is a multidisciplinary team of experts who provide coordinated support in social, emotional, personal and academic integration. We strive to be a solution-oriented team that provides actionable steps toward supporting students who need extra help. This may take the form of relational support, learning accommodations for students, resources and training for teachers, and/or referral to community-based supports.

1) Identify students of concern and their unique situation
2) Determine the best support for this student and create and implement a support plan
3) Follow up with the student's circle of support to determine if the plan is working.

How to access the team?

The Student Success Team (SST) works collaboratively with the Heads of Schools to identify students in need of additional support. Teachers or parents who believe a student needs additional support should first contact their Head of School. 

Meet our team

From left to right:
Mr. Pillay '76, EAL Coordinator; Ms. Grossi, Learning Strategist; Ms. Brock, Director of Academics and University Counselling; Ms. Holloway, Health and Wellness Coordinator; and Ms. Baillie, Grades 9 - 10 Advisor.


Grade 10 Academic Advisor - Ms. Baillie
The Grade 10 Academic Advisor supports students transiting from the Middle School to the Senior School, providing personalized course selection guidance, aligning with each student's interests, strengths, and future goals. As well, the advisor provides social and emotional support, ensuring each student feels empowered and prepared for their academic journey through the Senior School.
Director of University Counselling - Ms. Brock
The University Counsellor supports students in Grade 11 and 12, providing personalized course selection guidance, aligning with each student's interests, strengths, and future goals, with an eye toward student success and well-being throughout the university application process. The University Counsellor – with a deep knowledge of the university admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, and educational resources – supports students in researching, and applying to, universities, determining best-fit institutions and programs based on individual goals, academic strengths, and interests. The University Counsellor organizes workshops and support sessions to develop essential skills to ensure students have accurate information during the application process.
Health & Wellness Coordinator - Ms. Holloway
The Health & Wellness Coordinator fosters a healthy and supportive school environment, ensuring that student wellbeing is considered in all aspects of school life by supporting teachers and students to understand and incorporate best practices in health & wellness teaching and learning. The Health & Wellness Coordinator chairs the Grammar Student Success Team – a multidisciplinary team who support the academic, social and emotional wellbeing of all students as well as supporting teachers in their role as student advisors.
Learning Strategist - Ms. Grossi
The Grammar Learning Strategist supports Middle and Senior school students and teachers to facilitate best-practice, evidence-based strategies in support of all learners to develop confidence and independence. As well, where a student has identified learning needs, the Learning Strategist works with students, parents, and outside service providers, to develop individual learning plans and appropriate accommodations.
Halifax Grammar offers a continuum of support for all learners throughout their Grammar experience. For more information about learning support in Prep school, please click here.
EAL Coordinator - Mr. Pillay '76
The Grammar English as an Additional Language (EAL) Coordinator supports additional language students with English language training, academic content help, and personalized programming to develop confidence and independence. The EAL Coordinator also works with teachers and support staff to plan and deliver program content to the EAL students as well as working with EAL families to best integrate them into the Grammar experience.