Media Arts

Show us the world through your eyes

Throughout Grammar's Media Arts program, students have the opportunity to study experimental filmmaking, documentary filmmaking, narrative fictional filmmaking and webpage design. The program aims to expose students to the art of filmmaking, and developing skills such as collaboration and critical thinking, to enhance students’ creativity, communication, and cultural literacy.

Followed by the wide range of film and media projects, Grammar hosts an annual film gala and awards night each year. The Grammar Community also takes part in the Annual Grammar Film Challenge, a filmmaking challenge for students, families, alumni, staff and faculty to get creative and have fun.

Meet Mr. Tim Beers, Grammar's Media Arts Teacher

Grammar's Media Arts program is taught by Grammar's Media Arts Teacher, Mr. Tim Beers. Mr. Beers joined Grammar in 2014 to lead the Media Arts program after creating the nationally acclaimed Media Arts program at Pickering College. He has vast experience as a filmmaker, having written and directed several short narrative films as well as documentaries that screened at festivals locally and abroad. Along with his projects, he has taken a variety of filmmaking training courses through the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP), Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD), Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) and Ryerson University.

Over his career, his students’ films have been awarded over 100 selections to various film festivals, winning over 30 awards. Tim is passionate about providing young people with the opportunity to express themselves through the art of filmmaking.

As an educator and experienced filmmaker, Mr. Beers helps Grammar students excel by sparking their passion and appreciation for film that follows them after graduation.

Yuanchen Isabella Wu '21, Media Arts Alumni

Yuanchen Isabella Wu '21 - Aspiring Filmmaker, Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies at Ryerson University

"My experience with the Grammar Arts program first began in March of 2020 with the first Grammar Film Challenge. It was the first time I had ever encountered filmmaking, and since then, my path to university and my future became clearer. As I entered grade 12, I went to Mr. Beers, the Media Arts Teacher, and asked him for permission to attend his class. There I kept learning and shooting different types of films and working with creative classmates, which made me firmer on my dream of becoming a filmmaker."

"In grade 12, I applied to film studies programs with my portfolio and received five admission offers from different universities. Without the Grammar Arts program, I would not have finished all of the films I put in my portfolio during my last year of high school, along with finding my true passion in life and the perseverance to stick to it. I am very grateful for my Grammar Arts experience, and now it’s time for the future I’ve always hoped for."

- Yuanchen Isabella Wu '21