Prep School


Encouraging Independent Growth

The Prep School is a special place where children are challenged to try new things, and discover and learn in a secure, supportive environment. Students enter the Prep School in Junior Primary and proceed to Grade 4 in our own unique version of a Junior School. It’s all about great beginnings, talented faculty, and the individual attention the children receive to guide them through these important formative years. Team Teaching strategy empowers our teachers to give our students the individual support they need to prepare for a bright future.

Our Prep Faculty


What is Team Teaching?

Team teaching is when two teachers co-plan and deliver the core subjects (language arts, math, science and social studies). Lessons are delivered in a partnership model, optimizing our student-teacher ratios and allowing us to form meaningful relationships with our learners. In addition, learning data is gathered to ensure we monitor each student's progress against measured benchmarks for their skills and grade.