Prep School

Prep School Clubs

Occurring every Wednesday at lunch, our Prep School offers many opportunities to our students to dabble in various clubs. It's a great way to unwind and try out new skills.
Rock Painting Club
This club encourages creativity and independence where students select two rocks to paint during their half hour of painting time. Each week, they can either select new rocks or add to the previous rocks. The primary materials are acrylic paints and brushes.
Yoga Club
This club allows students the opportunity to participate in a fun yoga practice that incorporates mind and body.  Students learn how to incorporate breath and mindfulness into their daily activities, while moving their bodies in ways that help to build strength and flexibility.
String Art Club
In this club, students hammer their way to artistic success. They choose a design, hammer the nails to make the outline and colour with string. There are usually a few sore thumbs along the way but many happy artists at the end.
Embroidery Club
This club teaches the basics of embroidering flowers, stars, and letters. Students make their own unique designs on an embroidery hoop and learn how they can embellish shirts, backpacks, and more!
Lil Explorers Club
This club builds bonds between our Junior primary and Grade 4 students. The Grade 4's have a chance to have a little buddy to teach and explore science materials with, and  the Junior Primary's have an opportunity to learn from a mentor.
Drama Club
In this club, students use their creativity, problem solving skills, and teamwork while participating in a variety of drama games. Human Knot, Follow the Leader, What's My Object?, and Mr. Mayor Mr. Mayor are just a few of the games introduced in this club.
Make Your Own Stuffie Club
A small group of students from Grade Three and Four join Mrs. Gallupe each week to learn how to blanket stitch while making their own stuffed animals. It is a relaxing and peaceful club, and the children are proud of their creations.
Board Games Club
There are two separate clubs that encourage non-electronic games. Students play games such as chess and jenga. Card games such as Crazy Eights, War or Go Fish are also popular.
Ooey Gooey Club
This club celebrates slime, gak, dough and all things gooey. Students enjoy projects and structured activities around some seriously unstructured materials. This sensory play helps to build brain connections, support language and motor skill development, and encourages 'scientific thinking' and problem solving.
Dance Club
This club encourages moving and grooving to favourite songs while learning to coordinate and control bodies through various dance routines. Dance strengthens muscles, improves balance, increases flexibility, and gives the heart a good workout. The Dance Club helps students to stay healthy and active in a fun way.
This club builds teamwork and social skills, as children work collaboratively in a small group to construct LEGO creations. This also gives them an opportunity to develop perseverance and learn how to overcome frustrations. Builders practise communication skills as well as the ability to follow instructions.
Coding and Robotics Club
This club introduces students to the world of computer science by creating code using drag-and-drop tools such as Blockly. This engages our students in learning how to use block code to solve problems. We also explore operating the Dash robots by programming them to solve challenges such as playing music and launching a catapult.