We believe that experiencing our classes in action and asking questions are the best ways to learn about our school. We invite you to complete the following form in order to receive information about our application process. Please complete as much information as possible so that we may contact you with the appropriate follow-up information. You may also contact our office (902-406-3001 or admissions@hgs.ns.ca) to be connected with an admissions associate who can guide you through the process.

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  • Step One: Visit Grammar

    Information on all aspects of the school and the student experience can be reviewed on our website. For a print copy of our Viewbook, please contact the Admissions Office and a package will be mailed to you.

    Families have several options and are invited to take advantage of the following:
    • Attend an event such as Open House, school sports tournaments, cultural arts presentations, off-site fairs, and other Admissions events.
    • Visit and tour the school with Student Ambassadors and/or senior staff. Tours are available year round. Please contact Admissions for an appointment.
    • Attend a day of classes. Prospective students can spend a day with a compatible student mentor assigned by the Head of the school division being visited.
    Contact admissions@hgs.ns.ca to arrange a tour. 
  • Step Two: Complete and submit an application form.

    Apply early! Grades can often be full from year to year. It is not unusual to apply more than one year ahead.

    A complete application consists of:
    • A completed application form.
    • A non-refundable $125 application fee (CAD).
    • Copies of school reports from the current and previous school year.
    • A Teacher Reference Form completed by a current teacher of the applicant and submitted directly by the teacher to the school in a sealed envelope.
    • Any other pertinent information, awards, certificates, assessments which you feel will assist us in making the best educational decision for your child.
    PLEASE NOTE: To create an account, the Date of Birth format must be MM/DD/YYYY. 
  • Step Three: Schedule an appointment for an entrance assesment.

    Entrance assessments are required for each student entering Grammar from Junior Primary to Grade Twelve. Assessments can be administered on-site or couriered to a qualified teacher if the student lives at a distance such that travel to the school would be inconvenient.

    Junior and Senior Primary 

    "Meet and greet" assessment visits for Junior and Senior Primary begin in November each year. 

    Our Junior Primary students must be:
    • three years old by the date they begin the program; or
    • four years old by December 31st in the year they enrol.
    Senior Primary students must be five years old by December 31st in the year they enrol. 

    Grade One to Grade Four 

    Applicants from Grade One to Grade Four are invited to spend a half day or full day with students in their current grade. A portion of the visit involves individual assessment activities with the Head of Prep School. 

    Grade Five to Grade Twelve 

    Applicants are invited for individual entrance assessments, scheduled at their convenience, through the Admissions Office. Contact 902-406-3001 or admissions@hgs.ns.ca for further information.
  • Step Four: Arrange for a follow-up meeting.

    Following the assessment, the school will call to arrange a meeting with the prospective student and parents with the Admissions Officer and appropriate faculty once the entrance assessments and submitted application information have been fully evaluated.

    To find out about the status of your application, email admissions@hgs.ns.ca
  • Step Five: Respond to an offer of acceptance.

    After all steps are complete, the school will send a letter confirming whether a place will be offered. If a space is offered, the family is asked to respond within two weeks to the Admissions Office accepting the space, with the enrolment deposit.
PLEASE NOTE: To create an account, the Date of Birth format must be MM/DD/YYYY.

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