Visual Arts


Visual Arts at Halifax Grammar School allows our students to explore their creativity throughout their education. Art is one of Grammar's four pillars that is included in the curriculum for all grades. Once students reach Grade 7, they will be enrolled in the Visual Arts program until they reach Grade 10, where they can pursue Grade 10 Visual Arts and IB Visual Arts going forward!

At Grammar, we support students who want to pursue a career in the arts once they graduate. Featured on this page are visual art pieces created by students from each school to see the artistic talent that a Grammar education can help prosper.

Charlotte Warr '16, IB Visual Arts Alumni

Charlotte Warr '16 - Designer, Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design at London Metropolitan University in London, England
"The arts program at Grammar was great for pushing me to achieve a full and ready portfolio for my secondary education. While the arts program was mainly aimed at fine arts, I would always recommend a creative-focused student take it for there are many ways you can display art. I managed to find my own ways to submit 'art' that could arguably be more fashion than art... but who's really to say? It's a wonderfully freeing course which channeled me from being the "I love art and fashion, it's so fun" to the 'I am serious about fashion and art. It's my main source of joy and I live for it."

"It was an intensive course but it prepared me to enter the fashion industry with the essential tools and foundations I needed to blast me into this amazing world of fashion design. Ultimately, with the portfolios I submitted, I gained acceptance for 11 fashion degree programs in Europe."

- Charlotte Warr '16
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