The Grammar School's academic curriculum seeks to bring out the best in students. In all of our academic programs, our extraordinarily talented teachers focus on truly engaging students in learning. From Junior Primary through Grade 12, the school's academic programs seek to solidify the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy, to stimulate independent thinking, to nourish the creative spirit, and to develop healthy attitudes toward life.

We also aim to develop truly educated young people and to awaken in them an interest in the wider world. In our classrooms, as well as in the hallways, teachers "go the distance" for our students.

Our school is organized into three distinct divisions:
  • Prep
  • Middle
  • Senior
In each of these divisions, the academic programs are tailored to the capabilities and interests of students at each stage of their educational and personal development. Each division offers a stimulating academic program within a balanced curriculum, exposing students to academics, athletics, altruism, and the arts.

While our priority is on academics, the school recognizes its responsibility to promote the fullest development of students.

Academic & Co-Curricular Programs

Each of our three school divisions has a unique curriculum philosophy and program.  We invite you to consider the academic and co-curricular programs at each level:

Each school has its own character, but they share a commitment to providing an enriching program to each and every student.

Class sizes are small, particularly in the early grades, and there is an emphasis on the development of students as well-rounded citizens. Our program culminates in the International Baccalaureate Diploma, a well-recognized standard of excellence in Grades 11 and 12.