Welcome to the Halifax Grammar Library

"The goal of school libraries is to develop information literate students who are responsible and ethical participants in society . . . and [who] actively engage in the world of ideas."
- International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
Our library, positioned at the very centre of our school, subscribes wholeheartedly to this goal. The handpicked collection is designed to support teachers as they introduce your children to the immense range of topics they will learn about through their K-12 years. From rain forests to the solar system to ocean chemistry, and from the ancient world to the birth of religion to the major conflicts of the 20th century, our collection supports teaching and learning about the world with both print and electronic sources. Together the librarian and classroom teachers introduce students to the key skills required to build information literacy and academic integrity, so that upon exit in Grade 12 our students can comfortably enter a university library, and engage with academic resources with confidence.