Frequently Asked Questions

List of 16 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the application deadline?

    Grammar accepts applications on a rolling basis, which means that there is not a single application date for new admissions. Spaces are filled when available. Classes can be full from year to year, though, so students may have to apply for positions in the wait pool at certain grade levels, depending on the desired grade.
  • What are typical class sizes?

    Class sizes in the Prep School are typically in the mid-teens. 
    Middle School classes range from 18 - 22 students. 
    The average class size in the Senior School is 17 students.
  • Does Grammar have a uniform?

    Grammar students are required to wear their uniforms every Monday. This includes a formal uniform, and an informal uniform option known as "Grammar Gear". While Grammar Gear is considered appropriate for most uniform days, students are required to wear their formal uniform for certain occasions such as Remembrance Day, for school photos, and other formal events at the school. Uniforms are also worn when students go off campus representing the school at competitions, field trips, and when attending performances in the community. 

    For the remaining days each week, students are welcome to wear their own casual clothing. 

    Grammar partners with Lands End as our uniform supplier.
  • What lunch options are offered?

    Students may bring a packed lunch from home, or parents may choose lunch menus offered through our Hot Lunch program. Your child’s meal is delivered to the school just prior to lunchtime. 
    Our Parents Activities Committee also runs Pizza Day every Monday.
  • Do you offer childcare after school?

    Grammar offers an After School Program (ASP), for an extra fee. The ASP runs until 5:30 pm for Junior Primary students, and 6:00 pm for Senior Primary to Grade 6. 

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  • What clubs and teams are offered?

    A variety of clubs are offered, depending on a child’s grade level. 
  • What sports are offered?

    In addition to the physical education classes that are a regular part of the Grammar curriculum, there is a wide range of athletic opportunities - both competitive and recreational.

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  • How are parents involved in the school?

    Our parents are a big part of the school community, in formal and informal ways. 
    By virtue of having a child at Grammar, all parents are members of the Parents Activities  Committee (PAC). The PAC organizes various ‘school spirit’ events throughout the year, such as  the Ice Cream Social, the Holiday Munch, and the Spring Fair.  
    Parents can be involved in the school community to the degree that they have the time or inclination to do so – handing out slices on pizza day, shelving books in the library, or sitting on the Board of  Governors.
  • Is Grammar certified by any organizations?

    Grammar is a member of Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS), along with over 90 fellow independent schools across Canada. We are also an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. CAIS schools and IB schools must regularly undergo a rigorous review and accreditation process, meant to ensure a high standard of academic quality and school practices.
  • Do you accept international students?

    Grammar welcomes applications from all students, regardless of where they live; however, we are not a boarding school, and we do not offer a homestay program. Students are most successful when they have the support of their family, and it is our expectation that students live with one or both parents while attending the school.
  • Do you work with agents or consultants?

    Our preference is for families to work directly with our Admissions Team on their applications to Grammar. Families are not required to work with an agent or educational consultant in order to secure enrolment for their child.
  • What are the admission requirements for EAL applicants?

    Students applying to Grammar's Middle School and Senior School, whose first language is not English, will be required to undertake an English language assessment, at their own expense, as part of their application to Grammar. 

    If a student has completed their previous three years of study in a recognized, full-time English language program, and demonstrates appropriate English proficiency on the Grammar entrance assessment, they will not be required to complete a separate English language assessment. Students will be required to provide copies of their school reports for their application file.
    Students who are required to undertake additional English language assessments, must:
    • submit an up to date IELTS score (taken within the past 6 months).*
    • take an interactive English language assessment with Grammar's EAL instructor ($275).
    Students who achieve a minimum score equivalent to 6.5 overall, or above, on the IELTS (with no band below 6) will typically find success in the Grammar program.
    If the language assessment determines that a student will require English support, they will be required to enrol in Grammar's EAL program.

    *If a student has taken another recognized English language assessment within the past 6 months, it may be considered in place of the IELTS, in consultation with the Admissions Office.
  • What types of extra support does Grammar have in place for students, outside of the classroom?

    In the Prep School, we engage in regular conversations that support the tracking of student progress. Our differentiated instruction in Language Arts and Mathematics includes small group or one-on-one instruction to help students develop their literacy and numeracy skills, especially when they are above or below grade level in these areas. For students with learning exceptionalities, we provide accommodations in our curriculum design and delivery based on identified learning needs. 

    In the Middle and Senior Schools, Grammar’s Student Success Team provides additional support for students. The Team consists of our Health and Wellness Coordinator, Learning Strategist, EAL Coordinator, Director of Academics and University Guidance and Grade 9-10 Academic Advisor and Tutoring Coordinator.
  • Do all students take the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme?

    While all students in our Senior School study the IB curriculum, they may choose between taking the IB Diploma Programme or the IB Course Programme.

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  • Where do Grammar graduates typically attend university, and do they receive scholarships?

    Virtually all of Grammar’s graduates are accepted to their university or college of choice. While most graduates go on to study in Canada each year, many attend schools in the US and Europe. Typical destinations include: Queen’s, McGill, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Waterloo, and Dalhousie. 

    Graduates have also gone on to study at many international universities, including Harvard, Princeton, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, and Dartmouth College. 

    Over 80% of Grammar graduates receive university scholarship offers each year.
  • Is tuition assistance available?

    Need-based tuition assistance is available to qualified families in Grade 7 and up. Applications are made through a third party organization called Apple Financial Services, which provides an analysis and recommendation for tuition assistance to the school’s Tuition Assistance Committee.

    There is no income cap, as such, in order for a family to apply for tuition assistance. Tuition assistance is available up to a maximum of 90% of the tuition fees for qualified families, and is not automatically renewed. Families must reapply each year. 

    Any tuition assistance that is provided is not a loan, and does not need to be repaid to the school. Applications are reviewed and evaluated independently of  admission applications. 

    In a typical year, approximately 20% of students in Grade 7 and up receive tuition assistance or a scholarship.

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