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Tuition and Fees for the 2020-21 School Year


Tuition (Youngest to Oldest)

Frequency: Annual

Junior Primary $14,210
Senior Primary - Grade Six $17,010
Grade Seven - Grade Twelve $19,210
International Students (all) $25,960


Frequency: One-Time: $4,000

This is a non-refundable, one-time fee and a condition of attendance at the School for each of the first two children in a family. The full amount of this fee will be placed in a Capital Fund and will be used to improve the School's balance sheet through debt reduction and to meet future capital needs. The Fee is payable on June 30, 2020, or immediately upon enrolment thereafter and must be received in full prior to the student's first day in the School.

IB Diploma Fee

Frequency: Cumulative

The total additional cost of the IB diploma, which is tax deductible, is approximate $1,000 over two years. Tax credits offset the cost. For more information, please contact Elisa Reilly, Accountant.

Additional Costs

Frequency: Annual

These vary from year to year depending on the grade level and the individual needs of each student. Typical categories are estimated (annual cost) as follows:

  • Uniform: $440 or less. Learn more about Uniforms here.
Note: Uniform expenses vary based on whether purchasing new or gently used.

  • School trips and athletic costs
  • After School Program (available for students in Junior Primary to Grade 7). More information can be found online.


Families are eligible for a discount for each additional child registered after the first:
  • 5% for the second child
  • 10% for the third and/or each subsequent child

Payment: Deposits, Details & Options


The initial registration/enrolment fee of $1,000 is payable upon acceptance of the offer of admission. This is a non-refundable deposit on first term fees and applies to new and returning families. To re-enrol parents are asked to confirm registration for the following year by March 31.

Payment Options

Payments can be in one lump sum or can be scheduled:
  • term
  • monthly
Payment may be made by:
  • online banking
  • cheque
  • pre-authorized debit payments (requires a small additional service fee to be added at time of transaction)