Middle School

Middle School Clubs

Model United Nations
Students in Model United Nations look at real-world problems and work collaboratively to try to solve them. Taking on the role of a delegate from a UN member state, students practise writing position papers and resolutions, debating and speech-making, and collaborating with people who have different perspectives. Model UN students have the opportunity to attend the largest Model UN gathering in the world in Boston and organised by Harvard University students.
Battle of the Books
This is a reading competition organised by Woozles Bookstore. Each year, a list of approximately 50-60 titles is selected for players from schools throughout the HRM to read. Teams of 4 (and spares) share the reading, and during competitions are asked to name the title and author of the book that Woozles has created a trivia question for. Points are tallied, and the highest scoring teams progress to the next level of competition until a champion team is crowned.
Book Club
The Middle School Book Club was created by Mats Bezuhly (Grade 8) and is supervised by Ms. Lewis. The club's goal is to read and discuss books by diverse authors. It is open to avid readers who enjoy conversations surrounding social justice, race, oppression, sexuality and the like. Students learn how to critically analyse stories they have read, verbally convey feelings regarding consumed media and develop an appreciation for cultures and experiences outside of their own. 
Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
This is a student-led club that provides a safe and supportive space for 2SLGBTQIA+ students and allies. The GSA aims to promote inclusivity, safety, and respect for all students regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. We organise social events, educational workshops and awareness days to promote understanding and acceptance of queer people in their school and beyond.
Junior Jazz Band
The Junior Jazz Band is an extracurricular band for music students in the Middle School that meets weekly at lunchtime. It provides students with an opportunity to learn and perform music in the Jazz idiom, where they can explore improvisation and expression in various styles.
Chess Club
The chess club meets weekly to play friendly matches and learn important moves and skills. It fosters cognitive, social, and emotional skills, which can benefit students in many aspects of their lives beyond the game of chess.
Drama Club
The Middle School Drama Club, open to students from Grades Five to Nine, meets weekly to develop skills associated with the theatre arts in a welcoming and stimulating environment. Led by a local theatre professional (Garry Williams, in recent years) who is assisted by volunteers from previous years and middle school faculty, the members express themselves creatively through games; speaking, acting, and writing exercises; and improvisation. The year typically ends with the performance of a play created by the group.
Gardening Club
Students in the Middle School Gardening Club meet weekly for outdoor activities, including weeding, mulching, and planting in three different gardens. During the winter and early spring, students learn to propagate plants using cuttings and seeds. This includes picking out tiny seedlings and potting them to be planted in our veggie gardens. Students also learn about companion planting, pollinators, and good soil structure. This club will give students the skills and the incentive to continue gardening throughout their lives.