CAIS Lecture Series

Nurturing our Children’s Resilience: Nine Things They Need to Thrive
Dr. Michael Ungar
November 27, 2018 – 6 p.m – 7:15 p.m.
Little Theatre, Sacred Heart School of Halifax

We are pleased to announce that the CAIS Halifax Parent Lecture Series will continue this year. The first lecture will take place on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. Dr. Michael Ungar is the Canada Research Chair in Child, Family and Community Resilience at Dalhousie University where he is also the Director of the Resilience Research Centre and a Professor of Social Work. Here is an overview of Dr. Ungar’s presentation on Nurturing our Children’s Resilience:

How can we show children we love them even when they push us away? How do we make children more resilient when they are angry, self-harming, anxious, abusive or delinquent? In this story-filled presentation, Dr. Michael Ungar provides nine practical strategies parents, caregivers and educators need to help young people of all ages cope better with stress, no matter a child’s emotional, psychological or behavioral problems. Based on material from his new book, I Still Love You, his clinical practice and his research around the world, Michael will share what families and schools have taught him about the power of unconditional love and how an environment rich in opportunities helps children to succeed.

This lecture will take place at the Little Theatre, Sacred Heart School of Halifax at 6 p.m. and is open to the public. We encourage you to attend and to bring a friend.

About Dr. Michael Ungar

Dr. Michael Ungar is the founder and Director of the Resilience Research Centre and Canada Research Chair in Child, Family and Community Resilience at Dalhousie University. He received his PhD in Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University in 1995 and is the former Chair of the Nova Scotia Mental Health and Addictions Strategy, executive board member of the American Family Therapy Academy, and a family therapist who works with mental health services for individuals and families at risk. He has held over $10,000,000 in research funding over the past decade and is the author of 15 books and more than 150 scientific papers. Dr. Ungar has adapted findings from his research and lessons learned from his clinical practice into best-selling works for parents such as Too Safe For Their Own Good: How Risk and Responsibility Help Teens Thrive and I Still Love You: Nine Things Troubled Kids Need from their Parents. His blog Nurturing Resilience appears on Psychology Today’s website.

About the CAIS Halifax Parent Lecture Series

The three independent schools in Halifax that are accredited by the Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) have teamed up to design and organize an annual parent lecture series. The goal of the parent lecture series is to enhance parenting knowledge and skills for the benefit of our children. A joint committee of parents from the Halifax Grammar School, Sacred Heart School and Armbrae Academy has been meeting since early summer to select parenting topics of broad interest, identify speakers and secure venues for the series.

Stay tuned for details about two more parent lectures planned for February and April.