Grammar student films selected to the FIN Kids' Film Festival

Thirty-two films produced by Grammar students have been selected to this year's FIN Kids' Film Festival, run by the Atlantic Film Festical. Please join us on June 2 at the Scotiabank Theatre Halifax to support our students on the red carpet! Screen times and film information can be found below:

12:00 PM – Scotiabank Theatre, Bayers Lake

Grade 9 Films

The Answer Sheet – Dimitri Hanias, Jackson Macaulay, Sabrina Brown, Harshita Pasumarthi Late – Krissa Mou,  Harshita Pasumarthi, Lily Reid, Shannon Xu
The Rockin Tale of Snow White – Lara Jollimore-Behie, Lily Reid
Salsa for Me – Cole Smith-Evans, Hamaad Khan, Tareq Abdelmalek, Ayush Saha
Tap – Krissa Mou, Harshita Pasumarthi, Shannon Xu
Black Pepper – Cole Smith-Evans

Grades 10-12 Films
Laser Battle – Nick Abernethy, Aibi Liu, Jin Zhengran
Sprouts – Thomas Adamo-Schmidt
The Fork and the Knife – Maddy Holdsworth, Lotta Frauenschuh
My Head Hurts – Maddy Holdsworth, Alex Yan, Eric Liu, Moritz Heidenreich
The Test – Nick Abernethy, Eric Liu, Jelly Gu

Prep and Middle School (film camp)
“School Spirit” – Liam Furey, Declan Baskett, Liam Bates, Luka Chiasson
“Robo Kid” – Neil Uppal, Thomas Ransom, Graeme Merrimen, Tallis Pickett
“The Missing Phone” – Ethan Jewer, Elizabeth Merrimen, Kennedy Hurley, Kosta Georgakakos
“Out of Time” – Isabelle Gray, Charlie Moore, Santi Rendon Laura Wright
“The Wishing Hat” – Emmy Beers, Henry Green, Liam Bhathena, Rhiona Reardon-Hume
“The Terrible Horrible Not Good Day” – Rhiona Reardon-Hume, Kaitlyn SanfordKaterina Paliatsos, Abby Steeves
The Contest – Emmy Beers, Henry Green, Liam Bhathena

2:00 PM – Scotiabank Theatre, Bayers Lake

Grade 9 Films
Silence – Ayman Najaf, Isabelle Dearnaley, Ayush Saha, Romain Herbinger
The Clown – Jacob Gamble, Shannon Xu, Krissa Mou, Sean Ahn
The Consequence -- Jessy McLaughlin, Junjun Sun, Kate Woo, Yixiao Gong, Sophie McKegney, Sylvia Mok
Scared Silly - Finlay Wilson, Riley Devitt, Sean Ahn, Jackson Macaulay

Grades 10-12 Films
The Pitch – Arthur Huang, Lydell Husbands, Alex Yan, Jin Zhengran
A Window into Another World – Tatiana El-Rabahi
The Pink Tax – Lauren Jollimore-Behie, Tatiana El-Rabahi
Mind Boggling – Nick Abernethy, Arthur Huang
Destination Synchrotron – Corinne Bernett
The Recollections of Victor Wilbury – Anna Bakowsky, Tatiana El-Rabahi, Lauren Jollimore-Behie
The Race – Alex Yan, Moritz Heidenreich, Lydell Husbands
Out in the Open – Corinne Bernett
The Great Battle – Nick Abernethy, Arthur Huang, Lydell Husbands, Aibi Liu

Prep and Middle School (film camp)
“The Cassette” – Katie Towler, Julia Wright, Isabel Regan
“The Scarewell” – Jack Bethune, Duncan MacLeod, Eric He