Grammar Debaters Win the Donahoe Cup!

On April 27 and 28, the Grammar Debate Team had yet another successful tournament at the Donahoe Cup hosted by Sacred Heart. Congratulations to the entire Grammar team and thank you to all of our supporters!

In the Advanced Division, Gail Emsley and Chloe Rankin won the Donahoe Cup!

Individual speaker score rankings:
1st place - Gail Emsley
2nd place - Chloe Rankin

The teams that competed in the Novice category were:
- Layan Alabdallat and Joyce Yu
- Maryam ElSankary and Eta Gao
- Grace Qu and a student from another school
- Adam Deans and Gates Christian

Individual speaker score rankings:
1st place - Layan Alabdallat
3rd place - Joyce Yu
8th place - Adam Deans
9th place - Maryam ElSankary
10th place - Eta Gao
11th place - Grace Qu
19th place - Gates Christian