A Great Season of Badminton for Grammar

Congratulations to the entire badminton team, from Grade 8 - 12, for an excellent season of competition. From the City Playdowns all the way to Provincials, our athletes competed with intensity and good-natured sportsmanship. They represented Grammar well in all respects! We also extend our gratitude for all of the invaluable parental support over the season.

Congratulations on the many achievements of the team:

Junior Team Regional and Provincial Banners: Matty Paul, Samuel Yang, Cindy Liang, Grace Li, Audrey Wang, Yuvan Barani, Eric Li, Alina He

Regional Bronze: Bonnie Sun, Xinghao Li, Jason Li, Alex Yang, Grace Qu, David Pappas, and Kevin Wen

Regional Silver: Yuvan Barani

Regional Gold: Audrey Wang, Grace Li, Cindy Liang

Individual Provincial Champion Gold: Audrey Wang

Individual Provincial Silver: Cindy Liang/Grace Li and Yuvan Barani