Alumni Speakers November 2023: Joel Read '05 and Chloe Jacobs '10

In November, two Grammar alumni paid a visit to the school to speak to and inspire our students.
Joel Read ‘05 spoke about the hard times in school, not fitting in, being bullied, bullying others, heart break - nothing was off limits. He really connected with the students, helping them realize that they are not alone in their experiences. After Grammar, Joel earned degrees in Business Administration and Economics at Western Univeristy. He then attended the University of Greenwich for a Master of Science. He is currently living in the UK working for Google as a Principal Analytical Consultant. He is working on a Master's in Psychology in his spare time.

Chloe Jacobs ’10 shared her journey hiking and completing the Pacific Crest Trail and the mental and physical challenges she overcame. She spoke to our students about healing from grief, helping others, and forging your own path. Chloe inspired us with her adventurous spirit. She said she will continue to travel and push herself to tackle new experiences.