Madeline Gillis ‘19

Madeline Gillis ‘19 has been sailing since the age of six. She has represented Canada at three Youth Worlds in the i420 (two of which were with current Canadian SailGP strategist and Grammar alumnus Georgia Lewin-LaFrance ‘17) and then made her transition into the 49erFX. Madeline spent three years in the FX and, most recently, has transitioned into the Nacra17, campaigning for the 2028 Olympic Games.
This past June, Madeline took part in a week-long internship with SailGP Inspire Program as an inspire careers intern, through which she was placed as an intern for Australia Shore Team at the Chicago Grand Prix. In October, she participated in the We Can Foil Camp at RNSYS. After that event, Madeline got the call from Canadian driver Phil Robertson with an incredible offer. He invited her to train with the Canadian team at the Dubai Sail Grand Prix. In the midst of being in her final year of university, Madeline did not hesitate before saying yes to this experience she would soon never forget. “A highlight of the week was definitely on my first day of training when I was on the F50 as strategist while Georgia (Lewin-LaFrance) was on board in flight control,” Madeline said, “That felt like a huge step in the right direction for women in sailing.”

Madeline will be graduating this year with her BSc. Honours in Psychology (Neuroscience) from Acadia. Her end goal is to do speech language pathology, but she will take a year off after graduation to train for the PanAm games. If her team qualifies, then they will have two peak events this year; Junior Worlds in Belgium (July 21-28) and PanAm Games in Santiago, Chile Oct 20-Nov 5).
Best of luck, Madeline. Grammar will be watching in support!