Alicia Leguizamón selected in the House of Commons Page Program

After a six-month, multi-step application process Alicia Leguizamón '23 is one of 40 students selected from across Canada to participate in the House of Commons Page Program. Click to read more.
Alicia Leguizamón ‘23 has been selected to be a page at the House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada. The selection process was rigorous, consisting of five steps that tested her skills and knowledge. 

The first step in the application process was a written application, where Alicia stood out because of her thoughtful and articulate responses, as well as her impressive academic record. Step two was a multiple-choice exam that tested her knowledge of Canadian politics, history, and parliamentary procedures. Step three was a French proficiency test, which is a crucial skill for a page at the House of Commons. Step four involved a reference check to verify her qualifications and work ethic. Finally, step five was a 30-minute interview where Alicia had the opportunity to showcase her personality, communication skills, and enthusiasm for public service. Alicia impressed the selection committee with her poise, intelligence, and passion for serving her country, ultimately securing her the spot.

Along with her internship, Alicia will pursue an honours degree in political science and history from the University of Ottawa.