Colin Bebbington '07 - Giving of his Time to Make a Difference

Chef Colin Bebbington ‘07 was one of our Three Great Chefs at Grammar’s annual fundraiser, helping to raise over $22,000 in support of Student Travel Assistance. Colin joined the event in 2021, and we were thrilled he wanted to return this year to help Grammar raise funds for student support. Professionally trained at the Culinary Institute of America, Colin returned to Halifax after fine tuning his skills in restaurants in the United States and England, determined to practise his craft during the pandemic. During a time of need, Dine Together Halifax was born in support of Feed Nova Scotia. Colin has returned to Grammar a number of times to speak to senior and middle students about his culinary career path, the importance of following your passion, and the impact that Grammar had on him - words from the heart that truly resonated with many of our students. Colin’s giving back has assisted many Grammar students over the last year, and we are grateful to him.
    • Colin Speaking to Grade 8s and 9s

    • TGC 2021 - Colin and his mom