ALTRUISM: Junior Achievement Program

Halifax Grammar School students ran their 8th annual Junior Achievement Program during 2021-2022. Under President Jeffrey Zhang's leadership, the executive team of 8 vice presidents, each with their own department, and the twenty-four participants, established Grammar Company Coastal Comforts and produced three separate products including wool blankets, wooden birdhouses, and bootjacks. The company members worked collaboratively in creating these products, as the materials were either donated or bought by participants, the tools were brought in by members, and students were involved in the crafting process of these products. 
This year, after sales and expenses, they made 320 dollars in profit and donated the funds to the local Marine Animal Response Society. The society is not only committed to rescuing stranded marine animals in the Maritimes but around the world. Check out their work at

The members of Coastal Comforts thank the JA provincial organization based in Halifax for guiding the program and providing assistance throughout the school year. JA's entrepreneurialism will return to Grammar this fall with, hopefully, more student participation than ever before.