CAIS Halifax Parent Lecture Series - Helping your child go FAR with the right Fuel, Activity and Rest

CAIS Halifax Parent Lecture Series - Helping your child go FAR with the right Fuel, Activity and Rest with Tracy Stuart
April 30, 20197 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.
Armbrae Arts and Recreation Centre, Armbrae Academy, 1400 Oxford Street
Tracy Stuart (nee Cameron) is a two-time World Champion and Olympic Bronze Medalist in Rowing. As an undergraduate student at Acadia University Tracy was one of two students to graduate with an honours degree in Exercise studies pioneering the program.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Sport Medicine from the University of Calgary and spent several years as a specialist in Exercise Rehabilitation working with special populations such as Chronic Pain, Brain Injury, Pregnancy and Elite Athletes.  Between Olympic cycles Tracy spent a year studying nutrition and earned a Chef’s Diploma at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City for health supportive cooking. 
Here is an overview of Tracy’s presentation on Helping your child go FAR with the right Fuel, Activity and Rest:
Spending the better part of twenty years in the realm of high performance sport and exercise science, Tracy has delineated three major pillars as areas of focus for achieving success in any aspect of life.  She believes that daily attention must be given to fuelling our bodies well, making sure we continue to move, and ensuring we get adequate amounts of rest. These pillars are of utmost importance for both parents and children if you are to thrive as a family.  As the third lecture in this year’s CAIS Halifax Parent Lecture Series, Tracy will provide us with an overview of the FAR concept and will discuss the related practical implications for parenting. 

About the CAIS Halifax Parent Lecture Series
The three independent schools in Halifax that are accredited by the Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) have teamed up to design and organize an annual parent lecture series.  The goal of the parent lecture series is to enhance parenting knowledge and skills for the benefit of our children.  A joint committee of parents from the Halifax Grammar School, Sacred Heart School and Armbrae Academy has been meeting since early summer to select parenting topics of broad interest, identify speakers and secure venues for the series.