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Do you want to learn more about the Halifax Grammar School's Board of Governors? Are you interested in becoming a board member? Please visit our Becoming a Board Member page, or contact Meagan Shaw to learn more.

Becoming a Board Member

Are you interested in helping shape the future of Halifax Grammar School? Would you like to become involved in the stewardship of this liberal arts school as it helps students discover their passions, develop their potential and serve others?
Volunteers from the Grammar Community (parents, alumni and the community at large) are encouraged to put their names forward. The Board hopes to attract individuals with diverse skill sets, experience and backgrounds. The ideal Board profile, including skills and attributes, can be found on pages 2-3 of Policy 18 – Board Effectiveness and Efficiency. This policy can be found on the Board of Governors section of the Grammar website, found on the Resources page. In brief, expertise in accounting, legal, communication, education, real estate development, advancement, governance, child health, or marketing as well as broader community involvement can be an asset to the school. The Board is interested in maintaining a balance of gender, and diversity as well as having members from different walks of life.
In February of each year, the Nominating Committee will send a notice to all school members informing them of how many vacancies are to be filled on the Board. If you are willing to serve on the Board, please provide a short biography to the Chair of the Nominating Committee. Candidates will be contacted to confirm their interest and an interview may be conducted based on the criteria provided in Policy 18 – Board Effectiveness and Efficiency. All nominations will be considered at the Nominating Committee and a slate of candidates will be presented to the Board for consideration at least 5 weeks before the Annual General Meeting.
Candidates may also be nominated by a letter of nomination signed by 10 members from the school, and endorsed by the nominee, no later than 14 days before the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Information on all nominees will be circulated prior to the AGM to all school members. An election, if necessary, will be carried out at the AGM. If not, the nominations will be presented at the AGM.

Time Commitment

7 Board meetings are held throughout the school year (current schedule is Tuesdays 4:30 - 6:30 pm) and the board holds a half-day retreat usually in January. In addition to board meetings, members are all asked to serve on one of the board committees (Audit, Advancement, Governance). Committee meetings schedules and frequency of meetings are established by the Committee Chair in consultation with the Committee members. In addition to formal meetings, board members are asked to participate in school activities throughout the year.