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Our Active Imaginations Campaign

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  • Photo of Jacqueline Stevens

    Jacqueline Stevens 

    Director of Advancement
    (902) 229-8497
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    Fabiola Mascaro 

    Coordinator of Community Outreach
  • Geetika Mekhala 

    Coordinator of Community Storytelling
    (902) 240-1493
At Grammar, we love to dream. We also love to play.
We love to play because we know active play creates active imaginations, and active imaginations encourage active learning.
And at Grammar, we absolutely love to learn!

Our vision for the northside playground promises to be more than just a safe and secure play space for our smallest community membersit promises to be a place where active play, active imaginations, and active learning come to life.

Your support counts! Contact Fabiola at to learn more about how you can help Grammar build a new playground.