Welcoming the world

The Halifax Grammar School represents multiple countries from around the world, including China, Korea, and Germany, to name a few. By bringing culture, traditions, and experiences, our growing number of international students enhance the entire HGS community. 

Are you a family new to Canada that is interested in becoming part of the Grammar Community? We are excited to introduce you to our school!

Meet our Students

"When I first came to the Halifax Grammar School, everyone was very nice. Even though the school is challenging academically, the teachers are always willing to help me whenever I need it. Everyone is involved and part of the small community. The range of teams you can join is great - in my case being part of the soccer and basketball team helped me to feel involved, to get to know others, and to have fun."

-Sophia'17,  a student from Germany
"I like the Halifax Grammar School because of the respect the students get. The number of students in each class is small, so we all get the attention we need. HGS is great because they offer a lot of activities, it's an extremely relaxed atmosphere, and I enjoy going to school everyday."

- Ali'23, a student from Jerusalem
"When I first came to HGS in Grade Primary, I couldn't speak any English. With the help of the teachers and other students, I learned how to speak English, which helped me to quickly catch up in my other subjects. The students and teachers are so friendly, and I feel like I fit in very well."

- Rachel'24, a student from China

Important Resources

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Health Insurance Requirements

    Students must have health insurance. Parents must obtain health insurance that will cover the student while in Canada. Proof of this insurance is required.
  • How to Apply

    In order to consider application forms from international students, Grammar must receive the following information:
    • Fully completed international student application form.
    • Reports/transcripts in English covering the last three grades at the current school.
    • Language of instruction at the school.
    • TOEFL score
    • Brief description of the type of curriculum followed. E.g. “O” levels - UK, American, etc.
    • Details of plans for residence in Halifax. e.g. parent, guardian, etc. (or Homestay program)
    • $200 non refundable application fee

  • Homestay Information

    HGS does not have a homestay program; however, when possible, the School will connect international students with interested families who will make these arrangements. Host families are usually members of the HGS community, and may have a child in the same grade as the visiting student. The international student's parents and the host parents are expected to arrive at an agreement which outlines the obligations of both parties, and the fee per month. These fees may vary, depending upon the type of accomodation the host family is providing for the student, as well as any additional services that may be required, such as daily transportation, internet access, or other needs. We suggest that a starting point might be $800 per month.
  • International Student Fees

    Tuition $24,460 

    International Application Fee $200
    Total Fees $24,660
    Additional Costs

    If the international student does not, for any reason, receive a student Visa, the fees will be refunded in full, less the application fee of $200.
  • Language Assessment

    Students will be required to take an English language level assessment to ensure their suitability for the HGS program.
  • Notes on Fees

    The Government of Canada Department of Immigration will require proof of financial responsibility. Full fees for the entire school year are due and payable immediately upon acceptance of the student by the school. Upon payment of the full fees, the school will issue a Letter of Enrolment to the student. This letter may be required for the student to obtain a student Visa issued by the Canadian Government. Parents are advised to consult with the Canadian Government to ensure that their child has the necessary documents to study in Canada.

    Once the student has been accepted, the above fees can be transferred directly to the Halifax Grammar School’s bank account. All wires will go through the Royal Bank in Toronto, then to HGS in Halifax. Parents are responsible for all bank fees.
"The Halifax Grammar School is the premier academic school in Atlantic Canada. Our graduates attend the finest universities in Canada, the United States, and Europe, often on substantial scholarships."

-Blayne Addley, former Headmaster

For more information, please contact:

Ann Marie Kent
Admissions Officer