The 50's

The Halifax Grammar School opened as a school for boys in 1958. Its founders created a school that encouraged average to above-average students to aim for excellence and, by doing so, to realize their potential.

The 60's 

The school was a success from the start and soon outgrew its original Tower Road home. In January 1962, a newly-constructed building was opened on Atlantic Street, on a 2.5-acre site near Saint Mary's University in the south end of Halifax. Not long after, in 1964, the school acknowledged the broad demand for the type of education it offered and began to admit girls.

The 70's 

As the school population grew, the Atlantic Street building grew with it. Library facilities and a gymnasium were added in 1973.

The 80's

Science labs, a music room, and a space for the first primary class were built in 1980. Finally, a major renovation was undertaken in 1987, which significantly reshaped both the façade and the interior and added more classrooms and an auditorium.

The 90's 

In 1993, the Halifax Grammar School adopted the International Baccalaureate Diploma program, embracing the globally recognized curriculum as the best possible preparation for success in university studies.

Since 2000... 

When the student population began to grow again, a Middle School was created in 1998. To begin with, it was housed in a rented building on the Saint Mary's University campus, a five-minute walk from the Atlantic Street school. Then, in the spring of 2000, after raising more than $3 million in a successful capital campaign, Halifax Grammar School secured the historic Tower Road School. An extensive renovation was undertaken including the conversion of the gymnasium into a 300-seat multi-purpose theatre and the new Middle School opened in September 2000.

In 2011, we embarked on a campaign to renovate a significant portion of our Tower Road Campus. The successful completion of the campaign in 2012 was marked by the transformation of our old boiler room into an acoustically designed and dedicated performing arts studio. The studio is now the home of our growing band and performing arts programs.

From its inception to today, the Halifax Grammar School remains among the top schools in Canada.