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A message from your 2021/22 Co-Heads, Britt Drysdale and Jessica Lee

    • 2021-2022 Co-Heads

Hello, Grammar Community! 

We’re Britt and Jess, Grammar’s Co-Heads for the 2021/22 school year. 

Having both attended the school for quite some time now, we’re extremely proud to be a part of a community wherein every individual comes together as part of a whole; despite the pandemic, the past two years have been no exception. While they’ve posed challenges to us as a school, we’re immensely appreciative of the efforts given by our faculty and teachers, which have allowed Grammarians to maintain school togetherness and stay close from afar.

While we recognize that we may still need to operate under strange circumstances, we believe that, as a community, we are more than capable of taking them in stride in order to have a truly special year. 
If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that things are not to be taken for granted; this year, we aspire to celebrate the togetherness that makes our community truly Grammarian by incorporating school-wide events on our OneGrammar campus while keeping safety a top priority. We’re looking forward to not just bringing back old Grammar traditions, but creating new ones to look forward to and giving every student a reason to be excited for school every day. 

Beyond aiming to foster growing togetherness as a community, however, we wish for each individual at school to flourish and showcase how well-rounded a Grammarian can be. The school’s pillars provide the foundations upon which every student may step out of their comfort zone and engage themselves by joining a club or team or even starting one of their own, so we challenge you, Grammarians, to try something new and develop a new side of yourself. 

We anticipate seeing where the year takes us, but above all, we can’t wait to give back to a community that teaches us not only to excel as students, but people as well. 

Let’s have a great year!

- Britt Drysdale '21 and Jessica Lee '21
Leadership Opportunities
Today’s Grammar School is organized to foster and develop true leadership capacity among our students. Developing student leaders and broadening active participation is a key component of a Grammar education. Our student leadership model forms the basis of a system offering a range of formal student leadership opportunities.

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Training Workshops & Conferences

    Students have the opportunity to participate in leadership training workshops during the year. During this time, students become more familiar with the leadership structure, their specific roles and responsibilities, as well as individual and group expectations. 
    A second leadership opportunity is sponsored by the Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and takes place at a host school elsewhere in the country. They return from this conference enthused and eager to share their experiences with all other members of the Student Leadership Team for the coming year.
  • Student Council

    The student council consists of six positions including two co-heads, a secretary, treasurer, and facilities coordinator. Students submit an application to the Dean of Students expressing their interest and goals for each position for which they are applying. Students must have a minimum average of 70 per cent and be in good standing at Grammar to be accepted. Throughout the months of April and May, student campaigning and elections take place. These elections are staggered throughout the period, allowing students who are not successful in one campaign to submit an application for another position of interest.
  • Activity Stewards

    These student roles provide structure and leadership to various clubs and volunteer organizations at Grammar. Each activity steward is assigned a faculty advisor, generally a staff member associated with the area of activity in previous years.