Fall 2020 Update

Our plan for the return of sport for Middle and Senior School students is centred around the provincial guidelines for return to sport. As detailed in the Covid-19 Return to Sport Guidelines, Grammar follows the provincial timelines and safety measures to make sure that our school community is practicing the appropriate measures to safely bring back sport at an appropriate time. Our plan includes three fundamental areas of responsibility:
  • To provide heightened and expanded hygiene and safety procedures and protocols
  • To ensure responsible physical distancing
  • To create safe and meaningful athletic opportunities for our students 

Fall athletic opportunities

Our focus for now: 
  • All future athletic activities are determined upon the advice and approval of our administration, the NSSAF, and public health.  
Cross Country
Grade 6–9 Students

There is definitely going to be a cross-country running program this year. The start date will be September 14, and we have tentative practice plans made (tentative because we don't know how many runners we'll be dealing with) and it looks like meets (in some modified form) will be taking place. You will need to fill out the Google form Ms. Smith sent out and submit if you are interested in trying out for the team.

Depending on the number of applicants and NSSAF's rules for meets, we will likely be taking on team members both as competitive and recreational participants. 

If you have any immediate questions, please email Mr. Beazley or Ms. Smith. Get out and start running now if you aren't already to help yourself get ready for the season.

Golf Team

Any students in grades 8 to 12, please contact Mr. Joseph in person or by email if you are interested in trying out for the golf team by Wednesday, September 16 at the end of day. Tryouts will take place the week of September 21. Regional tournament is Monday, September 28 at 9am at Grandview Golf and Country Club.
Senior School Soccer Intramurals

Any students in grade 10-12 interested in taking part in an after school intramural soccer program please email Mr. McEwen by Monday September 14.