What Our Families Have to Say


Charlotte: "I enjoy Grammar because all of my teachers are nice to me and they help me with my work. I also enjoy the Grammar School because my friends care about me and they are so funny. Grammar is my second home."

Colin: "Although I did not realize it at the time, 
the 6 years I spent at the Halifax Grammar School were among the most important in my life.  The faculty at the Grammar made sure to hold me accountable for my work and helped me build the foundation to succeed academically in the future.  Consequently, I was confident that my children would also benefit from attending the Grammar.  It is clear to me that we made the right choice. My oldest daughter is currently in grade 9 and has developed study habits that I did not possess at her age. Both my girls are thriving in this environment and are becoming confident well rounded people.  For our family, the Halifax Grammar School is the right place to be."

Lori: "Similar to many families today, we often struggle with the complexities of work, parenting, education and recreation which can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Grammar has been the one constant for our family that runs seamlessly and effortlessly without added stress or worry. "

Grace: "Every day I learn something new at the Grammar School. Some of the best people I have ever met are the teachers. I like it there because the people are nice and there's no bullying."

"At Halifax Grammar School,
our children are motivated to try new things and reach their full potential. From morning greetings in front of the school to organizing countless after-school activities, all teachers are dedicated to creating a fun but structured environment for every child. We couldn’t be happier with our choice."

- Rui & Peter Nickerson

"Elliot transferred to Grammar at the beginning of grade 9
. We were struck by how quickly he settled in. The faculty made such an effort to get to know him. It wasn’t just polite interest; they really figured out what made him tick, how he liked to learn, his sense of humour, and what mattered to him. I am in awe of what wonderful teachers they are. They enjoy their students and are tireless in their support of the students both during class and outside class time.

The faculty at Grammar were invested in our son’s success and encouraged him to push himself to be more—as a writer, mathematician, scientist, or basketball player. Confident, capable, purposeful—those are the hallmarks of a Grammar student."

- David, Asa and Elliot Kachan '20

"Grammar is a very nurturing and warm, family-like environment.
  This shows in the way they teach and deal with students and parents alike.  Grammar gives its students the confidence and tools to become generous contributors to their surroundings, wherever they may be, whether through academics or community service.  It provides its students with opportunities they may not have anywhere else.  Both my boys love going to school everyday and strive to be the best they can be in academics, athletics, altruism and the arts. I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thank you, Grammar!"

- Lama Dajani
Xianqun Guo, Dan Cui and Xue Zhang (Grammar parents) shared their thoughts on the Grammar experience in this detailed article. Click here to check it out.